This is Grace reporting for duty! I’ve been thinking about getting a blog started for the longest time…years even . I decided to stop thinking and actually do it so…voila! Here it is! This is the first entry on my blog!

On this blog I’m going to be sharing my style and try show you my love for fashion. I’m excited and all kinds of other feelings that I won’t mention here because…the Lord is my strength. Some of you might be wondering why moregraca? What is moregraca? Graca means Grace in Portuguese and so “moregraca” means “more grace”. I named my blog “moregraca” simply because I want it to be an extension of me, to express more of myself through one of my favourite things. Fashion means a lot to me and my style and love for it has evolved over the years. I Iove dressing up and can proudly say that it has done wonders for my confidence. I feel like a million dollars when I dress up, like I am ready to take over the world, Ha! I’m always ready for photos just in case someone asks to take a photo with me, celebrity status lol. I’ve met some really awesome and stylish people because of dressing up. I get complimented on my outfits quite often, great conversation starter I must say. I’m also one to give compliments and start conversations with total strangers just because of their outfit. 

Winter is almost over and it’s getting warmer every day. I’m really enjoying the beautiful weather we have out here in Johannesburg and looking forward to summer because I’m really not a winter person. I love winter for the outfits . Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my favourite winter outfits but for my first post I chose to share something 50s inspired.

Fashion for women in the 50s was feminine,sophisticated and elegant. It saw brightly coloured small waisted full skirts and dresses. I would have loved to live in that time and wear all those pretty dresses and skirts and take thousands of photos (even though they would be black and white lol). So, for my very first post I decided to wear my Hombakazi Vintage Cabin tulle skirt that I love so much. I love the bright cerise pink colour ,bright colors make me happy and I think they go well with my skin tone which I love so much #Melanin you know. I paired it with a cute black top from Mr Price and these pretty gold sandals from Edgars. I am not much of a high heels person but I own a few pairs that I find comfortable…you know, lady things. My style has really evolved over the years and I am glad I will be sharing the evolution with you right here. 

Enjoy my blog and please feel free to interact with me 🙂



 Cerise pink Tulle Skirt- Hombakazi Vintage Cabin ||Black off the shoulder top- Mr Price||Gold strap sandals – Edgars ||Sunglasses- Zuri||Earrings – Lovisa ||Lipstick – Flat out fabulous -MAC ||Hair done by myself 🙂