Hello beautiful people of the Most High! First I would like to thank each and everyone of you who took time to read, like, comment or share my blog. I am so so grateful to you all! I am so full of joy and overwhelmed by the response to my blog. I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me to get going with it. Every single person who asked me why I didn’t have a blog, there’s too many of you, I can’t mention all of you but you know yourselves. Many thanks to my family for the love and support, especially my Mum, she has been amazing. I’d like to thank my photographer who is also my young brother lol! I love him to bits and I have agreed to pay the price… I owe him many milkshakes and lunch dates now. He is nothing but patient with me and I appreciate it.  Keep following and sharing! I have so much more planned.

Some people often ask me, “Grace how do you pick your outfits?”. There really isn’t anything special I do to pick an outfit. Sometimes I just sit and think about clothes that I haven’t put on in a long time and pair them with other more recent or new pieces I have, then I try the outfit on. On other days I have to plan outfits the night before just to save me time in the morning. No one likes standing in front of the wardrobe thinking about what to wear when you have a hectic day ahead but sometimes it happens. Most of the time I just have all these ideas for outfits in my head, it’s crazy lol but I love it! I also use Pinterest to get ideas for my outfits. Do not underestimate what you can find on Pinterest! It’s very helpful.

Let’s talk about yesterday’s #OOTD (outfit of the day) shall we? I woke up very tired and actually didn’t feel like getting out of bed or dressing up but guess what? I got dressed anyway lol! Flu was trying to keep me in bed but I said NO! After I got dressed I just wanted to parade the streets shouting “hey look at me, look at me, look at my new hat” LOL. When 9 year old Nana saw me yesterday morning she said ” Auntie Grace you look like a celebrity” I was so moved lol and so happy. 

For yesterday’s #OOTD I thought about a maxi skirt that I haven’t worn in weeks and decided to pair it with a crop top. I once told myself I would never wear crop tops because I thought they weren’t for me until I decided to buy one and try it.  I found out that crop tops go really well with high waisted pants and skirts and that I look good in one, the excitement lol. I am all about comfort and when I pick an outfit I make sure I am comfortable in it. 

Hat – Foschini ||Crop top- Mr Price || Faux leather jacket – Jay Jays|| Maxi Skirt – Mr Price || Socks – Edgars || Ankle boots – Rage ||Necklace – A gift ||Ring – Mr Price ||Lipstick – Heroine by MAC