It’s getting warmer, it’s almost spring time, it’s  almost summer *twirls and sprinkles glitter* . Today marks a week since I launched this baby, thank you once again to everyone for the support. God bless you mightily. Ok ok winter is almost over in Johannesburg and I am extremely excited. I survived another winter and this year saw less tears than last year (I cry when I feel really cold) and more awesome outfits. No lie, I enjoyed this winter a lot because I made a lot more effort to dress up, look good and be happy. So! Sunday, we know what that means….on Sundays I go to church and I am part of the ushering department . Every week we have to wear a different color so that all ushers have the same colours. Today’s colours were brown and cream. It’s not all the time I have the exact same colours as required and so I like to mix it up and add a Graca twist to it, lol .

I am a lover of print especially pagne (African print, wax print, African fabric) also known as Ankara (Nigeria, Ghana), Chitenge (Zambia), Kitenge (East Africa), Liputa (Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo), Capulana (Mozambique) …If you know any other names, please share 🙂 What is it called in your language or your country? The African print has been around for the longest time and has become really popular in fashion worldwide. We’ve seen it on runways and not a day goes by without seeing someone on the street with a garment made out of pagne. I love it so much..the different colours and patterns, amazing! If I could, I would have all my belongings made out of pagne lol. I am very much in love with the work of Nanawax from Benin, you can google them if you’d like to know why 🙂 AMAZING! You’ll definitely be seeing quite a bit of pagne on my blog . 


I wore my favourite African print skirt by Africa Fashion house (you can find them on Facebook and Instagram or email me or comment if you would like more details) and a chiffon blouse I bought a while back. The colours of the day were brown and cream as I mentioned earlier, so I decided to wear this skirt and top because I thought they were pretty close to the colours of the day, I tried…right? Lol. I love this skirt firstly because it has pockets, I love pockets! Secondly, I love the way it fits around the waist area, thirdly.. just look at the print and fourthly because of the way it’s made. I spend time twirling in it, giggling and laughing till I can’t any more. It just makes me happy!

Happy Sunday

I added a blazer on top just to finish off the look and because, chill! I hate being cold and still have a bit of the sniffles, gotta keep warm and stay fit. Once again a pair of the most comfortable shoes I own. I love wearing these shoes to church because I spend a lot of time walking up and down, busy with ushering duties but the real reason why I love these for church is because I can run in them. I can easily run after all the children that are misbehaving and take them to Sunday school LOL…that’s not a joke…I am so serious. Anyway, have a look below for more pictures and details. Enjoy!

 Blazer : Down town Johannesburg|| Skirt – Africa Fashion House || Chiffon blouse: Mr Price || Shoes : Edgars || Sunglasses: Mr Price || Earrings : Mr Price || Lipstick : Ruby woo by MAC || Smile and Happiness : Jehovah!