Hellooooo beautiful ones of the Most High! How was the weekend? I hope you all had a great one. So I haven’t really been feeling like myself lately, been tired and the flu was trying to get to me and I said NO NO not here, wrong address! Anywayyyyy I got to take it easy  this weekend, spent time with the family and I just feel refreshed and decided to look good… Well I’m sure I do almost everyday but today…hehe . What did you get up to this weekend? 

Today’s outfit of the day is all about being happy. There’s no blue Mondays or any other blue days of the week for me lol. Every morning I speak to my day before going about my business and that does wonders! I have more happy days than anything else, so grateful for that.



I wore a simple, pink, figure hugging dress that makes me feel like a million bucks .  I love this dress because of the way it fits and I feel so feminine in it…an amazing feeling.  The bright colour is another one of the reasons I love it, I think it looks good on my skin #Melanin things you know. It was a winter favourite last year but I gave it a rest this winter. I wore a pair of pink wedges, the same colour as my dress, a few months old gift from my friend, Adriana. (I Love my friends lol). They are super awesome!




While others have been working on their summer bodies I’ve been…well I’ve been eating, sleeping and enjoying life basically lol. Gonna get back to my weekly runs and all that cool stuff. More pics and details below. Enjoy and HAPPY MONDAY!



I love laughing

   Dress- Mr Price || Wedges- Gift || Sunglasses- Mr Price || Earrings- Mr Price|| Midi rings – Aldo Accessories