Hello beautiful ones! It’s Thursday and guess what? It’s time for another one of my #GracaWinterLooks where I share one of my favourite winter outfits. For today’s post we are doing fur…well faux fur… Can I get a YAY or Amen? lol! Moving right along….I loved the faux fur because I think it’s sophisticated, elegant and extremely feminine. Also, it just makes me feel so…sexy! Plus I look like a million bucks… No, more than a million bucks LOL.  Have a look below for pictures and details . 


The gloves above were a birthday gift from my lovely friend Yolanda and I still have no idea where she got them from. I love that my friends know me well and know what I like. The gloves were definitely a winter favourite..not only because they look lovely but because they kept my little hands warm and I could wear them with anything and they’d still look good.



Ah yes the fur shawl (faux fur) another winter favourite. I loved this in winter because I could just drape it over my shoulder to add something extra to the outfit. It wasn’t only perfect but it was extra warm as well, efficiently keeping the cold out. Another reason I loved the shawl is because I could even put it over a blazer or a coat and it looked like it was part of the blazer of the coat. 

When it comes to picking winter outfits, there are no restrictions. Much depends on how I feel on a particular day but I never rule anything out. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I can’t wear my skirts and dresses. Tights make this possible. I am so grateful to Jehovah for tights….just slip those underneath a dress or skirt and you’re good to go!  


 It was around this time that I got into crop tops. I decided to get a grey one because I can pretty much wear with anything and it just blends in. No stress! 

I always get box braids in winter

  I fell in love (it seems I fall in love a lot lol), with the pencil skirts because of the way they fit. I like my pencil skirts to fit tightly in the right places but also allow me to move around freely. I never know when I may be required to break into dance or run…I’m always ready to run lol.That was random I know. COMFORT, COMFORT I’m all about comfort. I like to be comfortable and confident in whatever I wear. I hate having to pull down a skirt every time I get up or take a step…no no, so much energy required for that. I just want to glide and be graceful… Moregraca you know! Tell me how you’d rock the faux fur shawl in the comment box below, don’t be shy!  

 Crop top- Mr Price || Faux Fur shawl – gift|| Gloves- gift||Pencil skirt – Mr Price || Shoes- Edgars || Earrings – Mr Price || ring – gift || Sunglasses- Cotton On ||Lipstick -Ruby woo by MAC