Hello beautiful ones! *twerks* LOL just kidding, calm down I don’t twerk. How’s everyone doing this rather chilly Thursday? It’s supposed to be spring but it’s still a little cold, I hope it’s only till the end of the week. So! Thursday….I’m going to share another one of my favorite winter outfits for #GracaWinterLooks.  I am excited about this one because I’m very much about androgynous fashion and I am so so grateful for it and love it. I will definitely be sharing all of those looks with you without a single doubt. At the time I wore this outfit the weather had started changing in Johannesburg and it was getting warmer (Praise the Lord). 



I love everything about androgynous fashion, I mean what’s there not to love? The pants,suspenders,the blazers, the shoes, ties,bow ties,waistcoats,shirts…everything, just EVERYTHING. It really just excites me and makes me happy. I think I’ve always appreciated androgynous fashion from quite a young age. I appreciated and admired men’s clothing when I was younger and of course I still do. Whenever I go shopping I always spend some time in the men’s section…just because I can. Is that weird? I also remember a particular day (back when I was younger)  I was dressed in jeans, a shirt, suspenders and a pair of brogues my dad was talking to me. He was speaking in French and basically told me I like “look garconne” . I immediately understood what he was talking about and I was such a proud daughter LOL…my dad knows me well. 


I am also a big fan of Janelle Monae, did you figure that out already? A few people have told me I look like her and I don’t believe them but I am so chuffed, thanks a lot lol. Quick story…one of my babies from children’s church came up to me one time and said “teacher Grace you look like that lady that sings Yoga” LOL had me smiling the whole time. I absolutely love everything about her, her style, her personality, her music, she’s just so cool right? I started wearing my hair in a pompadour after I saw Janelle wear her hair like that and I decided to try it out…it worked out great for me and  I love it. Whenever my natural hair is out, pompadour is my style of choice. Gladly I’ve mastered it and it is also one of the fastest ways to do my hair. 


Do me a favor please…..google “look garconne” or “androgynous fashion” (images) and just enjoy them. Sometimes I google them and spend some time enjoying all the different varieties of ways you can rock this look. The pants, blazers, suits. suspenders my eyes fill up with tears of joy…yes I am emotional like that. It is super comfortable and super cool as well….yes I have declared myself part of the cool kids club…lol. Ok listen, listen it doesn’t matter what other people think, you’re a cool kid. Repeat after me ” I am a cool kid” …back to the outfit before I get carried away talking about cool kids club.  


I love these pin stripped pants, they fit really well and like I always say “in the right places” lol allowing me to move freely in them. If I have to walk fast, jog, jump around or do some kind of dance (I do a lot of that on a daily basis) lol. I wore the pin stripped pants with a long sleeve black t-shirt to keep the cold out obviously and completed the look with a black blazer and some pretty dope, comfortable white loafers. I am a sucker for accessories and a lover of jewellery and sunglasses. I am sure some of you have noticed I always have sunglasses in my posts? I just cannot get enough of them. My favorite pair at the moment are the black cat eye ones that have been in almost all my posts so far. If you noticed my love for sunglasses I applaud you *slow claps* keep being that way. What else have you noticed? You don’t have to answer, lol.

Anywayyyyyyyy…I wore a necklace given to me as a gift by my beautiful friend Carine (I have lovely friends who know me well, what a blessing) just to add something extra to the neckline. I love the result, it wasn’t too much. I had on some simple pearly earrings that were also a gift from one of my close friends Yolanda…hey YO! (I hope she’s reading this..lol). Well that’s all from me today, more pictures and outfit details below..GRACIA OUT (Ryan Seacrest voice) …Enjoy!



 Blazer-Mango|| Long sleeved tee- Mr Price|| Pin stripped pants – Mr Price|| White loafers – Zara || Earrings- Gift || Necklace- Gift || Ring -Mr Price || Hair done by me