Hello hello beautiful ones…how is everyone doing? I hope you are all doing well and have had lunch and feeling happy? Wednesday is one of my favourite days of the week because it’s one day closer to the weekend and also because I get to attend mid-week service at church. It’s so refreshing and I look forward to it. I’ve been talking about how it’s warmer in Johannesburg and all that but then we had an extremely cold weekend..what’s up with that? Well guess what? I think it’s actually spring now LOL,the real deal. Still a little chilly but we don’t care, it’s spring *Nae Naes* (Ok ok those of you who know me well know I’m not much of a dancer but I love dancing anyway!) 


Someone once told me “Grace you don’t dress your age” since that day I’ve kind of wondered what that means and how a person my age dresses. Some of you must be wondering, well how old is she then? Keep wondering… LOL! Ok serious business now. Let’s talk about my outfit of the day shall we?  Today’s outfit of the day is all Mr Price, lol YAY! I wore a pastel pink midi skirt that I love so much because it makes me feel so “girly” with a ruffled, off the shoulder denim dress. Yes that is actually a dress and not a top. The reason I wore the skirt over the dress is because I went to work today and I felt like the dress would have been too short to wear to the office. I just want to be comfortable, look cute and be happy…and work LOL right!  



One hand in my pocket…

The day I walked into the store and saw this dress…no wait, it was actually calling my name and I responded. It was just meant to be mine. I was called and I answered that call…Denim never EVER gets old…year after year, generation after generation it just never goes away and I am hoping it never will. It’s one of those classic things; we love classic! 


 I don’t wear these silver pretty shoes often so when I wear them it is a celebration *gwetas* LOL – I hope you all know these dances I am always doing in my posts, if not please, do yourself a favour and look them up, you’ll thank me later. Back to the shoes; one of the reasons I decided to buy these shoes is because they are so pretty and shiny and I love pretty, shiny things (nudge). They aren’t the most comfortable of my shoes but hey, gotta look good 🙂 


Who can guess why I love this skirt? Anyone? Ok ok.. I love this skirt firstly, as I mentioned earlier, because of the color but also because POCKETS! I love pockets! Pockets are the best thing since *insert whatever you want here*. Pockets on a skirt, pants, jumpsuit, it doesn’t matter pockets make me extremely happy! Almost as happy as a 5km run every morning LOL…not quite close but it’s alright. 

I don’t use much make up because I am not the most patient when it comes to such. I have been trying to learn how to do my eyebrows so they are on fleek but ahhh…not going so well. I don’t give up though..I keep going. One day is one day. I wore “Heroine” by MAC today because I felt like I’ve been wearing “Rubywoo” too often so switching it up and doing something different. I never used to wear lipstick but after my sister Helena encouraged me to try it -by always looking drop dead gorgeous with lipstick on and actually putting it on me herself- I got used to the idea. I think “heroine” goes well with the outfit; what do you think? More pictures and outfit details below so Enjoy! 



 Skirt – Mr Price~~Ruffled off the shoulder dress – Mr Price~~Shoes-Mr Price~~Sunglasses- Mr Price~~Earrings- Mr Price ~~ Ring- Mr Price~~Lipstick – Heroine by MAC~~Smiles and Happiness- Only Jehovah