Hello beautiful ones! How is everyone? I trust you are all having a lovely morning. I am having a pretty awesome day and it’s about to get better. I usually do one of my favourite winter outfits on Thursdays but I was unable to yesterday. I had the privilege of attending a First Years Top Achievers Awards ceremony at University of Johannesburg as my cousin Bene’s guest. When I asked her what the dress code was her response was “smart casual and I know you won’t disappoint” lol. I love her, she’s so sweet plus she’s a genius and worked extremely hard and won several awards YAY *moonwalks*.  

So for yesterday’s outfit of the day I wore this orange (not so sure about the colour) figure hugging dress from Zara that I absolutely loved it the minute I set eyes on it. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday: my young sister and I were doing the rounds of the stores, I am not sure what we were looking for, lol. Anywayyyy we walked into Zara and as we are walking around the store she stops and calls out my name “GRACE! Look at the dress!” We both stood there oohing and ahhing. We picked our sizes from the rack and decided to try them on. Let me cut the long story short, we walked out of the store with identical dresses, TWINSIES!

 I don’t think you have to guess why I love this dress so much because I have mentioned in previous posts my love for colour and figure hugging dresses that fit in all the right places. My style has really evolved over the years, there was a time I only had black clothes in my closest. I then decided to start experimenting after someone dear to me told me “Grace you are too much of a cheerful, person to only wear black, less black and more colour” . I am glad I listened to that person, I mean look at me. I think colour looks good on me, it doesn’t really matter which colour and I am grateful for that.

 Another reason I love this dress is because it’s so classy and feminine and it’s one of those dresses that’s timeless and I could wear it over and over even a  few years from now and it would still look good. I like the way the dress is cut at the back and I think it’s rather sexy, don’t you? More pics and outfit details below, Enjoy


I wore it with different shoes..which shoes do you prefer?

Dress – Zara ~~ Shoes – Mr Price~~ Earrings – Mr Price~~Bracelet – Mr Price ~~Midi Rings- Aldo accessories ~~ Ruby Woo by MAC