white blossom

Hello beautiful ones and Happy Sunday! How is everyone? How was your day? Did you go to church? How was your church service? If you didn’t go to church what were you up to? So many questions right? Well I’m just trying to make sure everyone is doing good, yes I care. It’s Sunday!!!! *twirls* and it’s Spring time in Johannesburg *backflips* LOL . I love Sundays because I get to see my church family and to serve in my Father’s (Jehovah) house. This week I was on duty again teaching my babies in the children’s church and as usual it was super fun and amazing!

Hombakazi Vintage Cabin cape

Looking serious

  Every Sunday at church a different cell group has the opportunity to stand outside and welcome the brethren to church. Today was our turn (my cell group) and we usually have a colour scheme and we dress in the same colour and sing and dance as we welcome brethren to church. Our theme today was Spring colours. 



For my outfit of the day I wore my Scallop Back, floral dress from the White Blossom collection by the talented Zimbabwean designer Tanya Nefertari. I remember seeing the white blossom collection on her Instagram and I contacted her immediately telling her I wanted to order something. She’s really good at what she does, no she’s super AMAZING and she came up with a design based on my style. She knew I would like it ,but I LOVED it. I ordered one and my friend Mandisa was kind enough to bring it to South Africa for me with some other goodies of course, LOL . The pretty, comfortable goId sandals appear again..yes, get used to it because they are not going anywhere hehe 🙂.  I think they go well with anything, don’t you? Plus they are good for running after naughty children in church,HA! 🙂  


I absolutely love the scallop back on the dress, it is so me and I love that Tanya knew that. The back is a little lower but I had to do a bit of something to make it appropriate for church you know , Praise The Lord! Once again I was inspired by the 50s fashion, I have mentioned in a previous post my love for 50s style fashion especially dresses. I think this dress would look absolutely amazing with a tulle skirt underneath and I am still looking for one. If you know where I can get one in South Africa please do let me know, I’d appreciate that. 

 Yes it’s spring but it still gets a little chilly and so I completed my outfit with a cream cape that I recently bought on sale  from Hombakazi Vintage Cabin (HVC) . I love HVC because they are so professional and their clothes have a vintage touch to it, check them out on Facebook when you get the opportunity. I ordered it on Thursday and when I got to work on Friday it was waiting for me at work, so exciting! Shout out to HVC, thank you! Happy New Week!


Scallop back

 Dress- Tanya Nefertari ~~ Cape- Hombakazi Vintage Cabin~~Shoes- Edgars~~Lipstick – Ruby Woo by MAC~~Bangles – gift