Hello beautiful ones! How’s everyone one doing and how’s the day? Happy Tuesday! The days are moving quite fast don’t you think? It’s already the 15th today whoaaa!!! December is around the corner, who is excited for Christmas? Any exciting plans? I have started planning my December and it looks pretty awesome and I’m excited wohoooo.

Today I took it back to the basics, Helena told me “you are dressed the way James Dean used to dress” and I was thinking ha! I’m pretty awesome then right? Lol I don’t know if I’m as good looking but the swag is definitely there lol. I know he always had a white tee on, but you get the idea. I’ve been planning to do a “jeans series” after I had a conversation on twitter with Feli who told me she doesn’t wear jeans often and wanted me to do a post on how I wear jeans.. So this is the first of the “jeans series” lol. I hope this inspires Feli and of course some of you beautiful people. 


 I couldn’t decide what to wear this morning and whenever that happens I always go for jeans because you can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans. I really went for the basics here and paired my blue skinny jeans with a plain black tee. I own about 5 pairs of jeans at the moment and that’s one too many. Most of my jeans are blue because I guess, I love blue jeans, I only have one pair of black jeans. The awesome thing that I love about jeans is the versatile ways of wearing them. It can be a very relaxed look or I can wear a pair of COMFORTABLE (you know me and this by now) heels to add a little something to the outfit like I did today.


I completed my jeans and basic black tee outfit with a black (because you can’t go wrong with black) blazer and a short brim cat ears bowler hat. I love the hat because of the cat ears, it’s so different and really cute! Don’t you think so? The first time I saw it I didn’t even waste time trying it on, I just knew it was perfect for me. I also added some accessories because I am crazy about accessories and they complete looks extremely well. 

 I’ve said this in previous posts, It’s spring and it is much warmer than a few weeks ago but I always make sure I wear a jacket or blazer just to keep the chill out and at the same time completing an outfit. If there is one thing I hate it’s being cold BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I am always prepared with something to cover myself up, I am not trying to catch a cold at this time you know. I always feel like my outfit is incomplete and missing something if I don’t have sunglasses on. I actually have two pairs of sunglasses in my handbag just in case I forget a pair at home. There’s a time I would go out and buy a new pair of sunglasses if I had forgotten a pair when I left home for work in the morning. Crazy right? No! That’s not crazy, I’m sure everyone does that, lol. Check out more pictures and outfit details below, Enjoy and Happy Tuesday again!




 Blazer- Mango~~ Plain Black Tee- Jet~~ Skinny Fit Jeans- Foschini~~ Shoes- Edgars~~Cat Ears Bowler Hat- Mr P~~Sunglasses- Cotton On~~ Earrings-Mr P~~Bracelet- Mr P~~Pendant-Mr P~~Midi Rings- Aldo Accessories~~Lipstick- Ruby Woo by MAC