Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! How is everyone doing on this rather chilly day? Did you have a great weekend? What did you get up to? I am doing very well thank you so much and I am blessed! I had a super power packed weekend attending a leaders conference at church, oh boy! I have no words to describe it, that’s just how awesome it was.

As I mentioned earlier I had a busy weekend and couldn’t do a male feature for this Monday BOOOOOOOO! Yes I know a lot of you were looking forward to it (especially ladies hehe). I will be back with the male features next week, I promise. Wait! Just because I don’t have a male feature doesn’t mean I don’t have anything for you today…I will be sharing my outfit of the day, somebody say oh yeah!  


This isn’t the first time you are seeing this cape, I had it in a recent post. I fell in love with the cape a while ago and I told myself I absolutely had to get one. I fell in love with it even more after I saw Janelle Monae rocking one, more reason to get myself one no? lol. Winter has come to an end in Johannesburg but I saw a picture of this cape on the Hombakazi Vintage Cabin (HVC) page on Facebook and I immediately placed my order. I got the cape in cream white and got it shipped to me the next day, so shout out to HVC for the cape.


I am wearing a white shirt underneath the cape just to make sure the cold doesn’t get me , I have mentioned how much I hate being cold before. I have a pair of really warm tights that I love not just because they are warm, but also because of the way they fit. They make me legs look incredible! I finally managed to get a pair of patent brogues that I absolutely love just last week and I have felt like wearing them all day long and getting into bed with them, lol. The brogues go very well with the whole outfit don’t you think so? They are also super comfortable, I’m winning! 


When I bought the cape I was thinking “winter is over when will I get to wear the cape?”. I mentioned earlier that it’s rather chilly today and it’s been like this since Saturday morning. The weather is really working in my favour because I have been rocking my cape almost all weekend. It makes me feel like superwoman for some reason…not like I am not superwoman without the cape..it just adds to it, haha. I am grateful for this weather because my outfits are too dope. For my OOTD I wanted to keep it pretty chilled and just have once piece that made it “dope” and that piece is the HVC cape. I just feel like I am about to fly off and save the whole world..allow me please lol! More pictures and outifit details below, Enjoy!



 White shirt – Down town Johannesburg~~ Cream Cape – Hombakazi Vintage Cabin~~ Black Leggings- Mr Price~~ Black patent brogues- Mr Price~~Pearl earrings – Gift~~ Ring – Mr Price~~ Lipstick – Ruby Woo by MAC