Hello beautiful ones! It’s Friday again, it’s the weekend *twirls*. We love weekends right? I’m sure you all have something exciting planned for the weekend. Enjoy and remember to be safe.

Sometimes when I am looking for inspiration for an outfit, one of the first places I look is on my Instagram profile, lol. I scroll through the pictures and some of the outfits I have rocked before. I get so much inspiration from myself and the outfits I have worn in the past, it’s awesome. As I was browsing through my profile I came across an outfit that I once rocked. I then went through one of my favourite pages on Instagram with the handle @tostos_ ; it’s style By Alexandriah and I love her style. As I was going through her pictures I came across an outfit similar to the one I rocked before and I got inspired further. So thank you Style By Alexandriah for the inspiration. 


I had a habit of buying clothes that  I never wore and would just leave them sitting in my closet for the longest time before ever touching them again. I have improved though and I no longer buy clothes and leave them. I bought this pair of flared pants in Edgars a while back and I can actually count how many times I have worn them. When the flared pants trend and 70s style came back I remembered I had these and so I took them out. 

I paired the flared denim pants with a white shirt, very classic don’t you think? You can never go wrong with a white shirt. It’s a great look for a Friday because Fridays are casual days even at work. I wore a pair of comfortable pointy gold pumps that my sister gave me because she loves me so much lol. I love that the whole outfit is simple and comfortable at the same time it looks good.  

As you all know by now I love accessories. I completed the outfit with small pieces: that is two bracelets, a ring, a pair of sunnies and this very lady like handbag. For more pictures and outfit details keep scrolling. Happy Weekend!  


   Denim pants – Edgars~~White Shirt- Mr Price~~Shoes~~Gift~~Handbag-Foschini~~Bracelets- Top Shop SA~~ Ring- Mr Price~~Sunnies- Mr Price~~ Smile~~ Jehovah