Hello beautiful ones! I hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful day and you all had a splendid weekend. I know some, if not most, of you were expecting a male feature this week. There will be no male feature this week. However, because of my love and appreciation for men’s style, I will be rocking an outfit inspired by one of my male features. I’m sure you remember the dapper gentleman Corey Jamal Hayes. He was Male Feature a few weeks ago, if you missed that post it’s not a problem, go back and have a look.

Corey Jamal Hayes



This look is one of my favourites by Corey. I picked this one because of its simplicity and because I could easily recreate it with a touch of “me” of course. Additionally, it’s classy. I wore gold and black pants, a loose fitting tshirt, a black blazer and black kitten heels. There are three reasons I love these pants; firstly because they fit me so well in all the right places (funny story, when I first got these pants they didn’t fit as well as they do now so I am doing something right, hehe). Secondly, the print is just beautiful, it reminds me of ankara (African print) some how. The third reason I love them is because I got them on sale once upon a time, YAY!  

Blazers are my wardrobe essentials and my black blazer is my favourite because it goes with practically anything. See how well it goes with this Corey inspired outfit. As much as I was inspired by the dapper gentleman I also wanted to have my style shine through. I remember someone dear to me once said “Grace, kitten heels are not heels and you shouldn’t have any” lol, funny right? I am all about being comfortable – as I have highlighted in some of my previous posts. Kitten heels are one of thee most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. I can wear them all day without complaining about sore feet or fatigue. I love kitten heels! 


I was very happy with this outfit and I am so glad it came out the way it did. I had pictured it in my head before rocking it but was, quite frankly, surprised at how well it turned out. So YAY me and shout out to Corey! More pictures and outfit details below. Happy Monday and Happy New Week!  



   Blazer-Mango~~ Tshirt-Jet~~ Pants – Jo Borkett~~Shoes- Mr Price~~ Gold Bangle- Topshop~~Bracelet- Topshop~~Necklace- Lovisa~~Earrings- Gift~~Midi Rings- Aldo Accesories~~Lipstick- Russian Red by MAC