Hello beautiful ones! How is everyone doing this morning? I hope you all had a great weekend. I am off work for the rest of the year and will only be going back next year *gwetas* On Saturday I finally managed to get all my Christmas shopping done and I am so happy and proud of myself, please clap for me lol. Sunday is for church as usual and it was awesome, it is always so refreshing and we are already planning for programmes coming up next year.  Did I mention how much I love Christmas season? Well I love Christmas! Remember, you are the reason for the season. 

Well it’s Monday again and we love Mondays, yes we do. Let’s meet our male feature for the week.

Hi Male Feature …..tell us something about yourself

Hi! My name is Kenneth Chorengel, 27 years old based in Bremen, Germany. I work in a forwarding agency full time. Apart from that I”ve recently founded the Gentlemen’s Club Bremen (Instagram: @gentsclubbremen ) with my friends.

Moving onto the next question, how would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as classy and dapper.


What or who inspires or influences your style?

I get my inspiration everyday out of simple situations. I love to watch people walking in the streets and check out the different styles. Social media is also a source of inspiration for me.


The one thing every man should have…..

A bespoke suit and a good scotch.


What are some of your closet favorites?

I love every single item in my closet, otherwise it wouldn´t be there. However, my absolute favorite is a suit from Patrizia Pepe.


Kenneth, thanks for taking time out to answer my questions and for agreeing to be part of this. I really appreciate it. Keep scrolling for more pics.





Another wonderful Monday Male feature, I hope you enjoyed that. If you’d like to see more of Kenneth’s style check him out on Instagram : chorengel. Keep following to be inspired by more male features…Goodbye!