Hello beautiful ones!! How is everyone doing on this rather hot Thursday? It’s extremely hot in Johannesburg at the moment but I didn’t allow that to stop me from dressing up. I mentioned in a previous post on hot days like this I make sure I am indoors with the aircon turned on to the coolest temperature. I avoid unnecessary trips outside. I would still take summer over winter any day lol. 

 We are a few days into 2016 and I’m so excited about this year. I have so many plans and I can’t wait to see them all fall into place. What are your plans for the year? 

It’s January and we all know what that means right? For those of you who don’t know,let me tell you. In January there are major sales in all the stores so just imagine my joy right now. I took time to go around my favourite stores to see if something would speak to me. 

I found this super chilled denim shirt dress in one of my favourite stores and I didn’t waste time, I grabbed it from the rail and dashed to the fitting rooms. I had been looking for a shirt dress since last year hehe and so this was perfect. I love the fit with and without a belt, it is super comfortable and light so it’s not too hot. I love the slits on the side and also the buttons that go all the way down. That means I can wear it with the buttons opened or closed. POCKETS, YES! I have mentioned by love for pockets in previous posts and I feel like they add something to an item of clothing for me, I just love them. I wish I could have pockets in all my clothes, lol. This shirt dress has pockets so it was made just for me. 

Funny story lol, whenever I find something on sale that I like for some reason I always seem to get the last item in my size, it’s such a blessing. When I took the dress off the rack and started walking around the store looking around I noticed a lady following me. I stopped and turned and asked her if everything was ok, lol she asked me where I got the shirt dress. I told her where I got it but also that it was the last one, so YAY me! 

  I wore the shirt dress with my lace up ballerina flats . I love them so much because they go with pretty much anything, they are super comfortable and they are so pretty! I completed the look with a belt, some gold jewellery and of course a pair of my favourite sunnies. 

I would like to wish all of you a super blessed 2016 and I pray the Lord grant you all your hearts desires. Keep scrolling for more pics and outfit details. Bye!



 Shirt dress- Zara~~ Belt- Ackermans~~ Lace up ballerina flats- Mr Price~~Gold Bangle- Topshop~~ Gold bracelet – Topshop~~ Sunglasses – Forever 21~~Lipstick- Rubywoo by MAC