Hello beautiful ones! I hope everyone is doing well and that 2016 is being good to you thus far. I have no complaints at all and I am just keeping it moving. The excitement for the year is so real!

I am sure some of you are wondering what the title “Super Orente” is about? Ok ok you can stop wondering, I’m about to tell you. I recently fell in love with a song by Adenkule Gold called “Orente”. I did a bit of research and found out the closest translation of “Orente” is “cute or petite girl”. The artist Adekunle Gold sings in Yoruba which I think is such a beautiful language.”Orente” is a love song in which he sings about the faithfulness of a woman who loves a man no matter the circumstances. 

If you’d like to watch the Orente video here is a link : Orente – Adekunle Gold. Thank me later lol! I love the simplicity, authenticity and cuteness of the video and I think it goes so well with what the song is about. Love is beautiful, don’t you think so?


I felt like a super woman in my cape! I remember listening to the song and watching the video so many times on the day I wore the outfit and so that’s why I think ‘Super Orente” is such a fitting title for this post. You know what they say, “not all superheroes wear capes” but I do of course. Lol! Yes! I consider myself a super hero, lol. If you’d like to know what my super powers are join me for ice-cream sometime. 

  I kept the outfit as simple as possible with a plain long sleeved tee, a pair of jeans and plain black brogues. I completed the look with minimal jewellery. A simple choker, earrings and bracelet. I am still to play around with the cape, I have so many outfit ideas and I cannot wait to share them with you.  More pics below.

I can fly

Earlier this week one of my favourite Zambian bloggers, Peter (IG:peter_mylife) posted his Sunday church outfit on Instagram and I got so excited. Look at the picture below and you will know why lol. He had on a red blazer and I thought back to the outfit I had worn a few days before and made this collage. I took a closer look at both our pictures and picked up that we kind of had the same pose in our pictures as well. I thought that was pretty dope. What do you think? Keep scrolling for outfit details. Till next time beautiful ones, you’re blessed!


 Cape: Down town Johannesburg~~ Plain Tee- Mr Price~~ Jeans- Foschini~~ Brogues- Mr Price~~ Choker- Gift~~Bracelet- Topshop~~Lipstick Ruby Woo by MAC