Hello beautiful ones! How is everyone doing this lovely afternoon?  I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was power packed! I went to an amazing conference where I was  reminded of God’s love for me and my family. It was just so beautiful and now I am even more grateful for everything I have. My weekend was pretty hectic, Friday was the conference, Saturday I went to work and Sunday was church, so  I am still catching up on sleep but the grind must go on!!

I haven’t been able to do any Male Features for a while but I believe I am back on track.  So let’s meet out male feature for the week.

Hi Male Feature …..tell us something about yourself

My name’s Van Mohammed aka Tailored Prince. I’m 24yrs old and I live in London, United Kingdom. I’m wildly enthusiastic about fashion and fitness!

  Moving onto the next question, how would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as classic at times with a hint of sophistication because I’m all about details and quality.

  What or who inspires or influences your style?

Davidson Petit-Frere is one of my style influencers! The way you present yourself counts for much and that in it’s self has had a major influence on my style.

  The one thing every man should have…..

Every man should have a well tailored suit.

 What are some of your closet favorites?

My accessories. They always compliment an outfit so I value them a lot.

Van, thanks for taking time out to answer my questions and for agreeing to be part of this. I really appreciate it. Keep scrolling for more pics.


   Another wonderful Monday Male feature, I hope you enjoyed that. If you’d like to see more of Van’s style check him out on Instagram : tailored_prince. Keep following to be inspired by more male features…Goodbye!