Hello beautiful ones! I hope you are all doing well and winning. I haven’t posted since last Monday, it’s been a very busy and emotional time for me. I have been busy with work and family but I am alive,well and grateful to Jehovah. 


Can you say Janelle? Ok ok, I love Janelle Monae and I absolutely love her style and everything about her really, lol. I love that she can pretty much rock anything and make it look good. From her music,fitted suits, to her brogues to her heels to her pompadour hairstyle, everything is just unique and perfect! I have been told a few times that I look like Janelle or that I remind them of Janelle and I always respond with a “reallyyyy???nooooo!!! *giggle giggle*.  My favourite was when one of my students in church came up to me excitedly and said “you look like the lady that sings yoga” , it made me laugh so hard and I was so chuffed. 

As you already probably figured out today’s outfit is inspired by the outfit Janelle Monae wore to the GQ and Giorgio Armani Grammy After party last year. The day I saw the picture of her outfit on social media I was sold! I never thought I would ever wear an all red suit but Janelle changed that for me and I think I rock it pretty well, don’t you?. I didn’t want to “copy” the whole outfit but leave room for a “Graca” effect. I think I made that happen with the different shoes and the colour of the hat. I have a red hat but I thought it would be a little too much so I opted for the black hat. I also wore comfortable gold peep toe heels. 


I’m sure most of you know my love for accessories and how they make my outfits. I kept it minimal today because the colour of the suit is already “loud” enough. I only had a pair of gold earrings, a ring and a collar chain as accessories. I love that I rocked the red suit so confidently, I have come a long way . Had it been a few years back I would never have walked out my house with a red outfit. So I am grateful to God for that, always. 

Before I walked out the house today I stopped to have a chat with my mum and the first thing she said was “are you going to a Valentine party?” and then she laughed after that. We had a  good laugh about it. I love seeing my mum laugh especially if it’s me that makes her laugh. As soon as I got to work the security said ” wow Valentines” so yeaaaa I guess I unleashed the Valentine fever real early LOL. One last word before I sign out, if you don’t have a Valentine please don’t despair because Jesus loves you! Keep scrolling for more pictures and outfit details. Till next time beautiful ones, you’re blessed. Graca out!  

my photographer of the day making me laugh

Blazer- Woolworths~~ Pants- Mr Price~~ White Shirt- Mr Price~~ Hat- down town Johannesburg~~ Shoes – Edgars~~Earrings – Mr Price~~Ring – Mr Price~~ Collar Chain – Mr Price~~Lipstick – Ruby Woo by MAC.