Hello beautiful ones! The weekend is already here and so fast. I feel like the days are just racing and very soon we will be doing Christmas shopping. I hope you all had a productive week and were winning throughout. Any exciting plans for the weekend? I think we all know what my weekend is like right lol, so I won’t even say.

I am quite active on social media and Twitter is one of  my favorite social media platforms. It’s a way for me to keep up with current affairs, to make new friends and to have a good laugh. Recently I noticed a hashtag on Twitter the #UpgradeChallenge and because I am a liker of things I wanted to find out what it was about. I followed the link and discovered that Twitter users were posting before and after photos of themselves. Some of the photos were quite shocking and funny at the same time, people grow up well. There was another challenge that took place a while ago on Twitter as well with the hashtag “#GloUpChallenge” it is pretty much like the upgrade challenge.

IMG_1676 IMG_1702 

The Urban Dictionary defines Glo Up as,

“When a person got much more attractive over time. Usually compared between before and after puberty.”

After I saw a couple of the upgrade challenge tweets I decided to jump on the bandwagon and tweet one of my myself.  I made a collage of two photos and tweeted it just for laughs. In one picture I was in High School wearing a soccer kit and the other from  a recent photo shoot. I got a lot of responses and comments on the photo and it was very funny even to me. The photo was retweeted a few times and I later noticed that I had been featured on Linda Ikeji’s blog, a popular Nigerian blog. My photo was titled “from tomboy to fashionista” it was quite a surprise!

IMG_1701 IMG_1699 (1) 

The reactions and responses I got from my picture inspired this post. I went back to look at some of my old photos, selected a few and made a collage with some of my recent photos. The aim was to show how much I have grown and how my style has “evolved”. The old photos are from the year 2006 all the way through to round about 2008 during my years at university. I sent the picture to a friend after I had posted it on IG and the question “what made you change?” came up. My response was that as I got older I started changing. I reminded myself that I was created in God’s imagine and that I was beautiful. Every time I did that my confidence grew and I loved myself more. Having parents like mine is also a blessing because they were always there to encourage me, telling me I was beautiful and intelligent and could do and become anything I want.

IMG_1704  IMG_1706 

During my time at university I did not care much about the way I dressed and I was happy. It was actually the least of my worries. When my young sister and best friend came to study at the same university, we lived together. I can safely and confidently say that’s when my love for fashion started to grow. Helena would encourage me to dress more feminine and to stop buying baggy clothes (those were my favorite). She pushed me to experiment with different clothes and then she allowed me to flourish on my own. I will forever be grateful to this angel who was sent to me.

IMG_1705  IMG_1703

It really has been a journey for me and I have come a long way, lol and I am sure you can agree with me. But it doesn’t end here. I still have more to learn and more glowing up to do and more outfits to wear, lol. I am so grateful for all I’ve been through and from where I came from. I can confidently say, I am happy.


So you may be reading this post and thinking, “will I ever glo up?” or “when will I glo up?”. Well just look at me! There surely is hope for you! Just be happy and be patient. Until next time beautiful ones, goodbye!