Hello beautiful ones! I hope everyone is doing well and winning inspite of this cold and wet weather. Did you all have a good weekend? It’s a new month and we are already 13 days into June, what a wow. It was my birthday weekend, yes I am a June baby and I know we are the best lol. Every year as my birthday draws nearer I get so emotional, the emotions are on a 100 000. Some of you may be wondering why I get extra emotional during this time? Well I it’s a time to reflect on my life, what I have done, what I have achieved, where I want to be and what else I want to achieve.


The 12th of June was my birthday and for the past few weeks I had been sitting and thinking about what I wanted to do for my birthday. I had no idea what I was going to do and so decided not to do anything at all. On Thursday evening while talking to my dear friend Kalenga she came up with a brilliant idea of hosting a dinner on Friday the 11th. She also allowed me to use her house as a venue. You must understand I was so moved by this gesture because she doesn’t like people in her space lol. That made me so grateful. We went out the next morning to buy some ingredients to cook some traditional Congolese dishes then spent the whole afternoon cooking. I sent out some last minute invitations and was so moved that almost everyone invited came to my dinner.

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It was an evening filled with laughter, joy, good music plus great company. New friendships developed and I was so happy to have all my close friends in one room, I felt the love. On Sunday (my actual birthday) I went to church in the morning, as usual. The moment I stepped foot into church I felt so loved, the birthday wishes, hugs and smiles were already coming through. Towards the end of the service my Pastor announced that it was my birthday and asked me and some other brethren with who I share a birthday to come up on stage. It was amazing, she prayed for us and spoke words of power into our lives, amazing. As if this was not enough after the service I had a Campus Ministry meeting and when I arrived at the venue I found that the meeting was cancelled but I saw the Campus Ministry Pastor who I have never met before. He briefly spoke to me and told me that he had heard it was my birthday and he also prayed for me…wow. It was just so special.


A close friend of mine who is also my photographer agreed to do a birthday shoot with me. It was also very short notice but I quickly got an outfit together and I was ready to shoot on Saturday morning. I wore a vintage, blazer dress that I bought from a Vintage/ Thrift store in Johannesburg. The dress went well with a pair of studded ankle boots from Cotton On . The look was completed with some gold accessories, a faux fur shawl as well as some red and black balloons. It was my fist time wearing the dress , I could not have picked a perfect occasion for it. 


As the shoot was short notice I hadn’t even picked a location but Maddy and I put our heads together then decided on Rivonia Boulevard in Johannesburg. It was such a fun shoot and I was so excited about the photos. When she sent them to me the smile would not leave my face. All the photos were amazing. Check out more of her work right here

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As the years go by and I get older my birthdays are not about gifts but about my family, friends and loved ones who are there for me, showing me love on my birthday. I was so moved by all the messages and wishes received all across my social media, at home and at church. Most of my siblings are away but they called me and sent me beautiful messages. They made me feel so special and loved. My dad was out of town but he FaceTimed me, prayed for me and spoke such beautiful words to me. On Sunday morning while I was still in bed my older brother, my cousin and my mother sneaked into my room and sang Happy Birthday for me and my mother hugged me while speaking wonderful words. There was a lot of crying for me over the weekend but I enjoyed every single second. I am eternally grateful to everyone who took time to send me well wishes. I am so blessed.


I received so many phone calls and it was good to have my phone ringing nonstop for a change lol. I am not where I want to be and haven’t achieved everything I hoped I would have achieved by now but it’s absolutely ok. Over the past few weeks I’ve had people telling me I am a joy and inspiration to them. Someone even told me that I am so “perfect”. My response to that was this, “I am not perfect but I am being perfected by God”. Life is a journey and I am still going through it and achieving different things along the way. 


I have so many plans for my life and my birthday is always a reminder of where I am coming from as well as where I am going. I’d like to wish all the people I share a birthday with a Happy Birthday. To all the people born in June remember that June babies rock, lol. Keep scrolling for more pictures, till next time beautiful ones and Enjoy!

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Blazer Dress- Patou~~Ankle boots- Cotton On~~ Sunglasses – Prada by Sunglass Hut