Hello beautiful ones. I hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I am currently sitting in my office at work, yaaaay so exciting lol. I have been rather quiet and haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had a lot going on but I am slowly getting everything sorted and will be back to focusing on my baby full time.

While I was away I got introduced to R&R Luxury products by a dear sister of mine. I’ve been visiting the website and this is what I found out about the brand :

R&R is a unique brand, bringing together a range of luxurious products, made using 100% natural ingredients and packaged with style especially for you.

All R&R raw materials are ethically sourced and finished by hand with love from Africa.

A percentage of profits from all sales within the R&R family is donated to one of their favourite charities.

I have always had sensitive, dry skin so I’ve always been very careful when it comes to beauty and skin products. Even as a child if I ever switched lotions my skin would react, if it wasn’t a rash then my skin would dry out and be very irritating and even painful at times.  As I grew up I always made sure I stuck to products that my skin agreed with. For example Vaseline petroleum jelly was my best friend back then even in my teenage years.

I have also discovered that my skin is happy when I use all natural products. This discovery was made when i decided to grow my hair natural and started using coconut oil and shea butter. I found out that I could also use those on my skin and boyyyyy was I excited. I’ve been asking myself where those have been all my life. When I was introduced to R&R I was happy that the ingredients are all natural and I yelled out a big “YES” when my sister asked me to try them out. She gave me the liquid black soap, coconut oil and lemongrass body oil to try first.

These past few weeks have been some of the most happiest weeks in my life for my skin and I lol. It isn’t my first time using black soap, I have used it before but it was my first time using the liquid form. I feel like the first time I used it I didn’t use it consistently enough and that is why I wasn’t happy with the results. Second time around I have been using the liquid black soap consistently for about 3 weeks and I am happy with the results. I have noticed that my skin isn’t as dry as it usually is and I am 100% sure its because I use the other oils with it.

OOOOOOOH, the lemongrass body oil is an absolute favourite of mine at the moment. I am so in love with it and just cannot get enough of it. I love the smell and the texture on my skin, it is divine. It makes my skin really smooth, gives it a glow and finishes it off with the lemongrass aroma. I have had a few people tell me I smell really nice even when I don’t have perfume on, YAS!

Who doesn’t love coconut oil? Can I see those hands? Lol. There’s is a belief that coconut oil fixes everything! You have something not well in your life? Guess what? Pour some coconut oil on that and get back to me. Lol! I fell in love with coconut oil the day I decided to grow my hair natural in 2011. It does wonders for my hair and that is what I use to keep my hair moisturised. The main reason I love the coconut oil from R&R is because it comes in a spray bottle. I mean how amazing is that? It makes everything so much easier, all I need to do is spray spray the oil into my hair and massage it in.

Ladies and gents in South Africa, if you’d like to purchase some of these products please have a look at the Diamante Luxury page on Facebook and for everyone all over the world the R&R Luxury website and Instagram page – @randrluxury for more information. Keep scrolling for more pics. Till next time beautiful ones… Have a lovely weekend!