Hello beautiful ones! I hope you are all well. How is the new year treating you so far? I have always wondered and always ask when is the right time to stop wishing people “Happy New Year” ? Lol what do you think? Someone on Twitter once said Congolese people wish others Happy New Year for the whole year, that’s hilarious.

I attended a luncheon for a friend who had just got engaged to be married at the end of last year and I would like to share a little bit of that day with you. The theme for the luncheon was all white and a “touch” of African print. The day I received the invite and laid my eyes on the theme I knew Elisa would love it because she is so big on African print and jewellery.
I wore a plain white dress with my green Maasai scarf as a headwrap and white tennis shoes. I completed the look with a gold choker and earrings and of course Ruby Woo lipstick. The whole event was a surprise, even though she knew something was being organised for her she didn’t know what day it would be. I think the surprise was partially successful because it’s not easy to hide anything from Elisa, lol.


The venue was a beautiful house with the most amazing pieces and garden around the Sandton (Johannesburg) area, I was extremely blown away. The decor was done by the bride’s best friend who owns her own bespoke event and interior design agency Namasaya Creations . The woman is extremely talented, check out her website and come back and tell me I lied, lol. 


I loved that everything was so colourful and simple but yet so elegant, wow even talking about it makes me happy. The afternoon was spent helping some of the other ladies put on their headwraps (my friend Yolanda and I were busy with this) and taking LOADS of photos. It was a very small, intimate event with her close friends around.


When Elisa arrived we were all standing in the corridor behind the door of the main entrance of the house, as she walked it we are screamed “SURPRISE”. The room was filled with laughter,joy and giggles from beautiful women. We all took turns hugging her and then proceeded to the table that had been set outside.


The table was beautifully arranged and as I mentioned before there was so much colour, perfect for a summer event. I only knew a few people when I got there and by the time I left I felt like I made some great connections. Every single one of the women who were there had such a beautiful story.


The conversation around the table was great and just kept flowing topic after topic. We talked about so many things and I felt so happy, my heart was so content. I am not really a person who has many friends and who goes out much so an event like this makes me emotional. I didn’t know what to expect as I was driving there but when I got there wow, it’s like God was like “look at my creation” wonderful, wonderful and I am so grateful to God for the opportunity.


Of course women have to eat right? Lol there was a lot of food and it was simple and delicious and I could tell it was made with love and passion. We had some tea and scones, carrot cake, chicken sandwiches as well as carrots, celery, peppers and some dip. 


After eating we went around the table talking about how we know Elisa (the bride) and sharing a word of advice for her as she is going into this new journey of marriage. There were women with different relationship statuses : married, engaged, single and we all were blessed and learnt something from the conversation. After each of us spoke Elisa would say something right after whoever was speaking. I was so touched about what she said about me and my family, I am so grateful that people around us see us the way they do. She mentioned how she loves the bond I have with my best friend (my young sister Helena) and my siblings. I was in tears the whole time as I listened to her talk about each of her friends, I am actually tearing up right now.


Some beautiful shots were taken of all the ladies with Elisa and individual photos with Elisa, I looked at them the other day and I was happy. Beautiful moments were captured and I am so glad we have created such moments. Please keep scrolling to enjoy more photos.




Elisa is now a wife, alililililili (ululating) lol. Elisa and her beau tied the knot a few weeks ago and it was a beautiful event. I am so grateful to have been part of this and grateful to God for making our paths cross. I wish you all the best in your marriage and I love you dearly.