Hello beautiful ones! I trust everyone is well and had a great weekend. What did you get up to? Share with us in the comments section and don’t be shy. This weekend I witnessed the beautiful wedding of a good friend of mine and his beautiful wife. It was so lovely, wow. I sat there watching them and listening attentively to the proceedings. The whole time I was thinking isn’t God so good and that love always wins. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful day. One of the moments that made me tear up was when I saw his mother hug him and not let go as she cried. Thank you Lord Jesus for mothers! We spent the night celebrating the couple with food and dance, it was happiness all around. 

It’s Monday today and we all know it’s Monday Male Feature day right? This Monday is a different kind of Monday, keep reading and find out why. 

Huguns  (click on link to see his feature) is a dapper gentleman who was one of my previous male features and who I did a collaboration with last year (2016).  I remember asking him to invite me to one of the photo shoots he does with “The Gentlemen” a group of his dapper friends. He had invited me to a few of these shoots last year but I wasn’t available for them. Early this year he texted me and told me they were organizing a photo shoot with the theme “Semi Formal”. I had just gotten back to work but things were quiet and so I decided to take the offer. 


@huguns_mbayo, @mr_ellie,@rouxbe_swav, @soloab

I was extremely nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. In addition to that I didn’t have an outfit I thought good enough to stand close to these dapper gentlemen. The night before I was in a bit of a state LOL, my clothes were scattered all over the place. I texted Huguns and told him I have nothing to wear, he told me to wear something bright because it’s summer. The first thing I thought of was my pink pants and I knew he would tell me to wear that. I paired the pink pants with a light pink t-shirt and completed the look with a cream blazer and white loafers. After looking at myself in the mirror several times and deciding I wasn’t going to the shoot I sent Huguns a picture of my outfit. He liked it and said it was good. So I was all set, good to go!



On the morning of the shoot I woke up feeling good and very confident. I got ready in good time and headed to the meeting point. Another reason I was nervous was because it was my first time meeting and working with Desmon the photographer (IG: desmonphoto). Most of my photo shoots if not all were with Maddy but she moved to Mexico at the end of last year. The comfort that came with working with Maddy was amazing, I knew I could always be free around her and try out different poses and she would talk me through the whole shoot. So, I arrive at the meeting point and I see these dapper gentlemen and my heart starts beating fast now LOL but I thought to myself, “you know what, I got this!” . Huguns did the introductions and I met the dapper gentlemen all dressed up and looking fresh. As we were walking to the first spot for the photos, people around were starring at us and some ladies asked to take photos with the gentlemen. The compliments were flowing, it was amazing! 


As soon we started getting some shots in I started to loosen up a bit and by the time we were half way I was comfortable. I must say I could have loosened up even more and looked more natural in some of the shots. That’s something I have decided to work on because I am quite the shy person. 


It was important for me to get some group photos with all the guys but they also suggested I get photos with each of them as well as individual shots. The creativity was on another level. All kinds of poses, some I have never seen or thought of. You can be sure I will definitely try some of them in my future shoots. I am so glad I got to experience working with these gentlemen. We were later joined by a beautiful lady who brought a little more elegance to the shoot. 



A day filled with laughter, joy, colour, style, talent, good vibes and creativity. What else could a girl ask for? The year 2017 is a year for me to step put of my comfort zone and do different things that I thought I would never do. It is a year for me to gain more confidence, to learn more, to improve in everything that I am part of and lay my hands on. It is a year for me to flourish in everything. I’d like to thank Huguns for being the plug and making this possible. I’d also like to thank all the gentlemen and ladies who were present. I am so grateful. If you’d like to follow these dapper gentlemen find their Instagram handles in the caption of the pictures. Keep scrolling for more pictures, till next time beautiful ones!
















My outfit: Pants- W Studio at Woolworths~~ T-shirt – H&M ~~Blazer- H&M~~Loafers- Zara~~ Lipstick Ruby Woo by MAC.