Hello, Hi, Hey everyone! How is everyone doing this rather quiet day? I hope all is well on your side and had a great weekend. My weekend was pretty amazing hey! It was Easter weekend and I spent my days in bed and walking around in my pyjamas and the evenings at church. We always have an Easter Programme at church during this period. The services were filled with so much knowledge and I couldn’t wait to bask in God’s presence during the powerful Praise and Worship sessions. It’s almost time to go back to work but I know Jesus is alive! Happy Easter!

It’s time to meet our Male Feature for the week so let’s get right into it.

Hi Male Feature …..tell us something about yourself

I am Cavin Mothobi (19), a 2016 matriculant & former school representative Councillor of Sandown High. I reside in the North of Johannesburg. I intend to pursue undergraduate studies in heath science. However, I’m taking this year to invest in two of my favourite interests; acting & fashion modeling/design.

Ah nice! How would you describe your style? 

I do not conform to a specific style as I’m constantly stepping out of my comfort zone & switching up looks. With regards to style I never limit myself, as a result, it is difficult to classify it. However, I believe my personality strongly suggests that I’m a formal guy. With that being said, I show both innovation and attitude in all my outfits. Versatility is strength.

What or who inspires or influences your style?

I’ve always idolised Linda Makhanya’s sense of dressing from a young age. He had & still has a great influence in my interest for fashion. Even so, my sister remains my adviser when it comes to my overall image.

The one thing every man should have….

A well tailored 3/4 season suit. It’s an investment.

What are some of your closet favourites?

LM (Linda Makhanya) tailored suit.

Calvin, thanks for taking time out to answer my questions and for agreeing to be part of this. I really appreciate it.  Keep scrolling for more pics.

Another stylish, wonderful Monday Male feature, I hope you enjoyed that. If you’d like to see more of  David’s style check him out on Instagram :fatherterresa. Keep following to be inspired by more male features…Goodbye!