Hello, beautiful ones of the Most High. Winter is really creeping in on this side of the world and I am feeling extremely cold as I type this out. But guess what? Life goes on and I just have to keep it moving and slay in the process right? It has been a while since I worked on a post other than the Monday Male Feature, I hope you are enjoying those posts and being inspired by the stylish, dapper gentlemen. There are a few projects I have been working on and would like to share more about the first one with you. I am sure those of you who follow me on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have already got an idea about it.


Vintage shirt and pants by More Graca Finds

I get complimented daily on my style and I have been told I have a good sense of style, a good eye for picking clothes and putting them together into outstanding outfits. On several occasions, I have had conversations and discussions with friends and acquaintances about monetizing my “gift”. I honestly didn’t consider it a gift before and I still question it sometimes lol. Mama G (my mother, as she is affectionately known) never stops telling me how much of a gift, a talent I have and that I shouldn’t sleep on it.


Jacket – More Graca Finds

A little while ago I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. He asked me why I don’t sell some of the clothes I find. After careful thought and a lot of procrastination, I finally decided to do something about it, and that is how More Graca Finds” was born. I believe everyone can be stylish and money shouldn’t be an issue. You do not have to be a millionaire to dress well and look like a billion bucks. The idea behind More Graca Finds is me using my good eye to find some treasures and give everyone an opportunity to own some of these pieces at reasonable prices. Each and every single item is unique and there is only one of each.


At the moment I am using my social media to put what I have out there and that is how I am getting customers. I have only been at it for a few weeks and the response has been absolutely amazing. I have several beautiful people messaging me asking me for photos of my new stock, pricing and delivery or pick up points. It has honestly been inspiring. I am still at the beginning and I have a lot to learn but I believe I will improve and get to where I want to.


Blazer – More Graca Finds

My focus at the moment is on women’s clothing but very soon I will be expanding and catering to men as well, can’t leave them out right? Since Winter is here, right now it’s all about winter fashion. The aim is to make use of my blog to show different ways of styling the different items for those who have no clue how to wear the item they purchase so there is no need to worry, More Graca has got you!


Velvet Skirt- More Graca Finds

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has supported me so far, especially my mother and my brothers, wow! Whenever I feel discouraged and feel like it’s too much for me they are there to reassure me and calm me down. Thank you, thank you.


Velvet Skirt – More Graca Finds

Keep following the blog as well and my social media pages to keep up to date with new stock. Scroll down for more pictures.  Till next time beautiful ones!


Pants and Top – More Graca Finds


Shirt – More Graca Finds


Top – More Graca Finds

fullsizerender 2

Turtle Neck and Coat – More Graca Finds