Hello, beautiful ones of the Most High. How was everyone’s weekend? Did we have a good one? My weekend was pretty much the same as all other weekends, nothing spectacular happening. I went to work on Saturdayand went straight home after that. I got to spend a little more time with my family which I value so much, I love it. On Sunday I was in church and Teacher Grace was on duty in children’s church. It’s always amazing teaching my babies. I learn so much from them as much as I am their teacher. It’s a new week and  I am so so ready, shall we meet our Male Feature for this week? Did I hear “let’s?” ok ok let’s do it, lol!

Hi Male Feature …..tell us something about yourself

I am identified as Edem Afful. A proud Ghanaian who is presently acquiring the skills of good tailoring so that he can also in some years to come, be a man worth appreciating in the fashion industry.


Ah, nice! How would you describe your style? 

Well, what informs my style is dated fashion trends that go far back into the days of old, where the rich were found in well-tailored suits, waistcoats and pants. Another inspiration that informs my style is the ignorance of “Nerds” or “Geeks” that they know nothing about fashion. What I do is pick out pieces of their “ignorant style” and add unto it.


What or who inspires or influences your style?

So judging from my sources of inspirations I would say my style is more of a “geek vintage” sort of thing. I also draw inspiration from the Nigerian Steven Onoja who is now known worldwide for how good he assembles his style and also the menswear blogger, Denny Balmaceda who all stylish men look up to on social media.


The one thing every man should have….

One thing every stylish man should have from my perspective is what I call “an element of interest” in his outfit. It is basically that one thing that your observer pauses on seeing and tries understanding why it was placed there even before the person continues to appreciate your outfit. It should be basic so it does look like you are trying too hard to get noticed. It could be a safety pin hooked onto your belt carriers or a brooch pinned to the collar of your dress shirt.


What are some of your closet favourites?

My favourite items in my wardrobe are my hats and geek spectacles. Would go nowhere without them. 


Edem, thanks for taking time out to answer my questions and for agreeing to be part of this. I really appreciate it.  Keep scrolling for more pictures.





Another stylish, wonderful Monday Male feature, I hope you enjoyed that. If you’d like to see more of  Edem’s style check him out on Instagram: edemafful. Keep following to be inspired by more male features…Goodbye!