Hello, beautiful ones of the Most High! I trust you are doing well on this beautiful Monday afternoon. I am all good except that most parts of my body are aching from the weekend I had. Regardless, I am still slaying and smiling! What did you all get up to this weekend? My life is normally so busy that I never have time to spend with my friends and do what I like to do. This past weekend I attended a hiking trip that a dear sweetheart friend of mine organized. She has been inviting me to go hiking but I was always working and couldn’t make it so I made a decision to keep this weekend free so that I could finally go with her and a group of friends. It was amazing! I will be telling you about that really soon, thank you Sheila for the great hike! 

Anyway on to what we are here for. Are we ready for this week’s Monday Male Feature? Was that a yes? I can’t hear you..are we ready? Ok! Let’s meet him!

Hi Male Feature …..tell us something about yourself

Paul Mervas Nkosi is a flamboyant entrepreneur and image consultant, whose style is classy and modern.
His brand, Paul Mervas Tailored simplifies the niche and trendy corporate wear in the fashion industry. Paul Mervas Tailored is a business that caters to the young and/or modern male and female entrepreneurs who are unapologetic to dress according to their personalities. Paul Mervas believes in the art of embracing individualism and knowing what his clients love, this is what has set his business apart from the rest.


Ah, nice! How would you describe your style? 

I would describe my style as flamboyant, classy and modern.


What or who inspires or influences your style?

My experience of dressing smart at an early age has influenced my fashion sense and creativity. My greatest inspiration comes from God and my late father who was a classic man, dressing up and looking good was his 1st priority. I believe that one needs to dress according to who they represent.


The one thing every man should have….

A  tailored slim fit suit is a must have.


What are some of your closet favourites?

My shoes , I’m so obsessed with my collection of my formal shoes. Lol my mom thinks I’m too much, and often says “that’s a woman’s obsession not you “. 


Paul, thanks for taking time out to answer my questions and for agreeing to be part of this. I really appreciate it.  Keep scrolling for more pictures.






Another stylish, wonderful Monday Male feature, I hope you enjoyed that. If you’d like to see more of  Paul’s style check him out on Instagram: paulmervas. Keep following to be inspired by more male features…Goodbye!