Hello, beautiful ones of the Most High! I hope you are all doing well and had a great weekend. Today is a very special day for me. Why you may ask? Well, I just turned 30 years young, WOW. It is actually so amazing you know..I am filled with so many emotions and gratitude as I type this out. The past few weeks have been nothing but emotional, lol. I am naturally an emotional person as is but emotions have been on level 100. 


I have spent the past few weeks reflecting on my life, what I have achieved, where I am at. I must say I tend to be a little hard on myself and I am slowly learning not to do that. We all have dreams and aspirations and we want to achieve them by a certain age. Of late I have been feeling like I am not where I want to be in life and that I should do better and do more. A very close friend of mine prayed with me a little while ago and after our prayer, we had a chat. He reminded me about all I have achieved thus far, he further went to tell me that I should celebrate all victories no matter how small they are.  You know what? I did exactly what he said and I prayed as well. God has really been good to me.


My mother and I are very close and I love her dearly. The whole of last week she has been telling me about what kind of child I was lol. There is something she mentioned that touched me so much and this is something she always talks about. When my parents named me my dad would constantly talk to me and say “Grace will be full of joy, love and laughter”  guess what? That is exactly who Grace is. I love my name and I think it fits me extremely well, don’t you think so? 


Every year I have a professional birthday photo shoot and this year was no different. I almost cancelled the shoot because I didn’t have a photographer but a plan was made. So, the only difference this year was that it wasn’t quite a professional photo shoot. I just made use of what I had. With half my outfit on and my phone I met up with Tinashe, a good friend of mine and we came up with these photos. I absolutely love them! Not exactly professional but there is just something about them. Thanks Tinashe! 


My outfit was inspired but one of my favourite bloggers Soraya De Carvalho (@styleismything). She uploaded a similar outfit on her Instagram a few weeks ago and I immediately knew that’s what I wanted to recreate. So I set out to find a faux fur coat and found one that fulfilled the vision – More Graca Finds strikes again! 


A small gathering of family and friends was organised (last minute) to celebrate my birthday. I remember talking to Kalenga (@kurvekut) about my birthday plans and she said something that made me laugh but that I love. She said, “do something different”. We spend a lot of time going to “fancy” restaurants and eating out so I wanted it to be different. So with the help of one of my sweet angels Sheila, I managed to organise a successful braai. 


It was great to have my closest friends and family all in my place eating, drinking, dancing, chatting and just enjoying each other’s company. The night ended off with speeches, wow was I not in tears and laughter lol, it was amazing. My young brother, the baby of our family, my baby brother, Daniel wrote me an amazing poem. Hoping to share that with you sometime. Every single person who was there said something about me. To hear all these amazing things being said about me and what I mean to my people, wow! I didn’t know that I meant all these things and more…I actually couldn’t believe it. It was just beyond beyond beyond what I expected.


Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their busy day to text me, call me, tweet me, Instagram me, Facebook inbox me. LinkedIn message and all lol. I really appreciate all of you and I am so grateful as you have celebrated me in your own way. My God will bless you more and more in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Keep scrolling for more pictures of my 30th Birthday photo shoot, till next time beautiful ones!





White shirt -Mr Price~~ White Jeans -Mr Price~~ Nude pumps – Mr Price~~ Faux Fur Coat- More Graca Finds~~ Belt- Mr Price~~ Scarf- More Graca Finds~~ Prada Sunglasses by Sunglass Hut~~Hat- Down Town Johannesburg~~Lipstick- Mocha by MAC