Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! It’s Friday already, can you imagine?  I hope you are all having a week filled with progress. Just like that, the week is over. It truly has been a great one and I am so grateful for it. 

On Wednesday night, like most Wednesday nights, I went to midweek service. It is always so refreshing and uplifting and that is why I try my best not to miss any church meetings. The sermon was absolutely beautiful. One of the points that had me excited was the question, “Are you aware of what you have in Christ?”. The pastor went on to ask another question, “are you aware of what God has given you?”. He finished off the point by saying that you have got to use what you have and that all you have is all you need. WOW! Isn’t that just amazing? I actually have everything I need and so do you! This got me thinking about everything God has given me and how I have to use them to minister to others and glorify my maker. I believe that God has given me the ability to care for people around me and to motivate, support and encourage. I have been blogging and active on social media for a few years now and since then I have discovered that I love encouraging the beautiful people I follow and those that follow me. I find it so fulfilling as it brings me so much joy. 

Recently I had the opportunity to meet a lovely lady I have been following on social media for a couple of months. Our first meeting was at Meryl’s bootcamp which I attend twice a month and she happened to attend one of the sessions. It was amazing how we hit it off like we had known each other for a long time. She is such a beautiful soul inside and out. The young lady I am referring to is none other than Vanessa Chilimanzi (IG- miss_nessah). 

I was so moved when even before our meeting Vanessa sent me an invite to an event to celebrate the launch of her YouTube channel. First thing I did was write it down in my diary and made sure I had no plans for that day so I could attend the event and support this new journey she was embarking on.  The venue of the launch was 54 on Bath and it was my first time going there although I had heard about it before. We sat in the garden which was very peaceful and beautiful despite the rather stubborn winds that kept blowing our umbrella all over.  The other side of the garden was occupied by a group of ladies with their daughters in cute little princess outfits who kept coming over to our side of the garden. It was so beautiful to watch and it brought so much joy to my heart

I arrived well ahead of time and waited a little while for the other invited guests to arrive. It was a very intimate setting and only a few people – mostly bloggers – were invited.  We were welcomed with glasses of ice tea which I thought was really nice and after a few more people arrived it was time for the high tea to get started. I am a tea lover so I was in my element and enjoyed it to the fullest. 

A mix of sweet and savory eats were served along with the tea which created a combination I found completely amazing. I enjoyed the little salmon sandwiches and the chicken, mushroom quiches. Those who know me well will know how much I love food lol, it was such a good time. The scones with the different spreads were simply divine and honestly if I could have all that all over again I definitely would :). 

Vanessa was so well organised and made sure everything was catered for, even Wi-Fi! 54 on Bath didn’t offer us Wi-Fi so she came with a router and cut up little pieces of paper with the name and Wi-Fi password and placed them on each seat to allow us to post about the event on social media. I was extremely impressed by that – high 5 for that Vanessa! Naturally, I managed to take a few pics for my instagram and snapchat, YAY!

One of my goals this year was to meet new people, especially bloggers; get to know them, share ideas and maybe even talk about collaborations and so on. I got to meet some amazing bloggers at the launch. It was great to mingle and to get to know their reasons for blogging. Most of the reasons that came up for blogging were quite interesting however, we all have a common one and that is passion for whatever we blog about. Among the ladies I met was a beautiful make up artist by the name of Vongai (IG:vongai.mapho), her make-up was FLAWLESS on that afternoon let me tell you lol. She made me want to stay up all night and watch her youtube channel : Vongai Mapho to learn how to do make-up like her, simply amazing!

The gorgeous Chantelle Jeradi (IG : riso_jeradi) who I had previously met once was also there. Chantelle is a Style and Lifestyle blogger on her blog Riso Jeradi . She also sells beautiful African print trendy clothing via her Instagram business page : riso_jeradibrand. As usual she was full of life and jokes galore as she shared her experience as a blogger thus far. 

Lastly, the third blogger I met at the event is Zanele Mondi (IG : zanelemondi), she is a Soweto based blogger and she blogs about beauty and make-up on In Out And Around Soweto  as well as on her YouTube Channel Zanele Mondi . Make sure you check these awesome ladies out! I can guarantee you that you will have no regrets. 

I picked a pretty laid back ‘cool kid’ outfit for the event. I wore high waisted jeans from More Graca Finds (IG:more_graca_finds) and a pink funky tee from Mr Price. I completed the look with a pair of pink suede heels from Mr Price. The glasses gave the outfit the ‘cool kid’ element and those were bought from a friend whose details I am happy to provide if anyone is interested in getting a pair as well.

All in all it was a super fruitful day. Lets not forget the main reason we all got together was for the YouTube channel launch. Do take time out to check out Vanessa’s YouTube channel : Mis_Nessah and learn a thing or two about her as well as fashion and beauty. A big congratulations to you Vanessa as you embark on this journey and I wish you only the best. Till next time beautiful ones!