Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! It has been a while since I spent time blogging and I am hoping this is my return. Life has been happening and sadly I haven’t managed to find time or inspiration to blog. It’s kind of weird being here actually, lol but anyway I hope you are all good and have been well and enjoying life. We are already 6 months into the year and it’s time for me to look back at my goals and where I am headed…but first, it is birthday month! Yes I am a June baby and all June babies rock, did I lie?

Every year I take time out to treat myself with a birthday photo shoot and this year was amazing! Nothing new there though, they are always a good time and I make sure I have as much fun as possible. I didn’t have a theme in mind and I decided to have more than one outfit and ended up with 4 outfits *twirls* lol.

Let’s get into the stories behind the choice of my outfits because that is more exciting. Life as an entrepreneur has taught me many lessons that I am grateful for and I believe I have not stopped learning yet, there is still so much more to be covered. My baby, my business More Graca Finds brings me so much joy and I am so in love with what I do. One of the best parts about it is getting to wear and style some of my finds. It brings me so much joy and I cannot even describe the feeling . For my photo shoot I decided to wear a few of the pieces that I found, my heart was somersaulting lol. The winter collection includes a wide range of winter skirts and I picked out a hounds tooth skirt and paired it with a red polo neck and patent ankle boots for my first look.

The second look is an amazing jumpsuit by my lovely friend and designer Amie from Moonchild Creationz. Amie and I met at church and have known each other for a couple of years now. She is such a creative and extremely talented . I have watched her grow and flourish with her brand and I wanted to be part of her journey somehow. What better way to do it than to rock one of her pieces? The print of the jumpsuit caught my eye because of the different colours and patterns on it, so magical! Please do check out more of her work on her Instagram page : Moonchild Creationz, thank me later!

My third outfit was definitely my favourite look and I am sure you can see why. A full More Graca Finds outfit with high heels from Mr Price. A burgundy satin dress paired with a beige faux fur coat plus my braids screaming Cleopatra vibes, what do you think about this look? Tell me, tell me.

The fourth and final look is this velvet suit from Mr Price. I had a vision for this look but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for without having to break the bank . I am sure by now most of you know how serious I am about staying in my financial lane. On the day before the photo shoot I walked into Mr Price and walked around for about 7 mins and then I found the one! The blazer caught my eye first and then I looked around for pants and EUREKA!!! There they were right in front of me, lol and so my outfits for Gracia 2018 were complete.

A dear friend of mine, Mpho, from LM Beauty Essence did my make up for the photo shoot. I am not make up artist but she is lol, she asked me what I wanted and all I had to say was “I trust you, do what you are good at but not too much”. The final look was beautiful and I loved it! She even talked me into wearing them fake eyelashes, I am not a fan. Falsies aka false lashes always make me feel like I have something in my eyes or like I have wings instead of eyelashes lol, I picked ones that were as natural as possible but with some volume, loved it!

The 12th of June is the day I was born and I am so grateful to God for life. It is really just amazing how God has been good to me throughout the years and how much He has done for me. Sometimes I tell people that if it wasn’t for God I would have probably gone crazy a long time ago. God is love, He is my peace, He is my joy.  With that said I believe God created me the way that I am for a reason and I love being me. I received several phone calls, sms, whatsapp voicenotes and messages, facebook messages, Twitter and Instagram messages, wow. The beautiful words that everyone shared with me really had me thinking about who I am.

A few of the messages I got were from beautiful people thanking me for being an inspiration to them, for being a ray of sunlight, for bringing joy and praying for them and being a shoulder to cry on or just an ear willing to listen. One particular messages said “thank you for inspiring me with your stubborn faith”, I was in awe because all I do is to be myself because that’s the best person I can be. It can be very overwhelming this life thing, but you know what? At the end of the day we have no choice but to make it through, that’s my attitude.

The “may you meet a bearded brother” messages also made my day, LOL, those were the funniest ones I got. It’s so beautiful to be reminded that people love and care about me so much, I tend to forget at times. From my family to my friends, to people I know online, to people at work, to my church family, it was beyond amazing. A day filled with love, joy, laughter, tears and peace. A big thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to send birthday wishes, as you have honoured me, God will do the same for you. 

Thank you for taking time to read my post, God bless you. Till next time beautiful ones. Keep scrolling for more pics. A big shout out to my brother in Praise Payne for these beautiful photos, I can’t even believe this is me.