Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! I hope you are all doing very well. Can you believe it’s the 9th of August already? That’s pretty crazy to me but having achieved quite a lot so far, I’m so happy and extremely grateful. Towards the end of the year I will share some of my achievements, just remember we are all running our own race. Focus on your own race, you are winning! 9754d46a-729c-4b75-ade4-9eb62cc45713

I love black women, I love how they are created, I love who they are, what they represent, black women are amazing and I always stand behind them and support them as much as I can. There are so many black women achieving things they were told they could not achieve because of the colour of their skin and their biological make up. What inspires me in all their stories is that these women didn’t let anything stop them, and they continue to steadily flourish unapologetically. 


Mamokgethi Phakeng, Dr Sindisiwe van Zyl (IG-sindivanzyl), Mbu Zwide (IG- hombakazi_mbu), Raissa Elongo (IG-darealraissa), Sue Nyathi, Chiedza Mahere(IG-diaryofsmurfdinkie), Musemo Handahu (IG-misslionhunter), Kalenga Kapolyo (IG-kurvekut), Palesa Mhlaba (IG-simplypalesa), Zoe Ramushu (IG-zoechiriseri), Lisa Chiriseri (IG-lisachiriseri), Tendaiishe Chitima (IG-tendai_chitima), Sheila Garakara (IG- itsmissg) are a few women who inspire me. Do not get me wrong the list is long and endless, look up some of them and thank me later. From Vice Chancellors, Doctors, Business owners, authors, atheletes, fashion icons, wow it’s a lot really but I love it! 



A couple of weeks ago I was messaged by two beautiful ladies I have known for a while – Tendai and Sophia. They organized an event called ”Coffee and Conversations” and asked me to be one of the guest speakers. I must tell you, I was speechless. It was my first time being asked to do something like this. I was humbled, excited and nervous all at the same time and I did not want to pass on the opportunity, so of course, I immediately accepted the offer! 


It was an early morning for me as I woke up early and set out to figure out what to wear and then make my way to the venue. Daniel, my young brother, was my driver and support system lol, he is so sweet, I love him. We had a nice smooth drive to the venue and arrived at ”The Daily Coffee” well ahead of time. I was so impressed with the venue. It was a very cozy restaurant with minimalistic pieces that had a vintage vibe to it. Our table for the event was set up outside and Tendai and Sophia as the organizers of the networking event were the first people I met upon arrival. 


We started off by ordering some coffee and hot drinks while we waited for all the guests to arrive. As the guests were arriving we were already mingling and getting to know each other. What an exciting and interesting experience. I spoke to almost all the ladies there just to get to know who they are and what they do – so many beautiful, inspiring and encouraging stories wow!


Both Tendai and Sophia representing ”Thrive” and ”Own Your Crown” shared a few words about their organizations and how they were founded as well as what they do and their collaboration. They are working on having a networking event like this one once a month and I will make sure I attend as many as I can and meet like-minded women.img_4517

I was the first speaker for the day. This came after we had gone around the table and everyone had got up to tell us about themselves and some dreams they have for the future. In the weeks and days leading to the event I had absolutely no idea what I was going to talk about but the night before, after I prayed, it was all made clear to me. Everything was kept simple, short and sweet and I spoke from my heart and it was amazing. It was lovely to have some of these women ask me questions relating to my journey as an entrepreneur and sharing how they have been inspired by me. WOW! That’s all I can say as I think back on that day. img_4560

The guest speaker platform was shared with two other beautiful, intelligent, talented women by the names of Mbo Mabocs (Actress/TV Presenter/Radio Host. IG- mbomahocs) and Elinah Success Mangena (Make-up artist/ Wardrobe Stylist/ Image Consultant – IG -esmangena). The beautiful ladies shared their stories about how they started off their journeys as well as how they overcame the challenges to get to where they are today. The journey isn’t over and it continues so I look forward to watching them closely and celebrating their wins with them.


The breakfast was decent but to be honest that wasn’t even my focus lol, I really just wanted to speak to all the ladies there and get to know more about them and how we could support each other. I love supporting women, especially black women. I met many ladies there for the first time but it was as if we had known each other for the longest time the way we connected so well. 


A few of my highlights on that morning – I sat next to a very lovely lady having a conversation and in the middle of that conversation she stopped and said ”Wait! Are you Grace?”. I responded,”Yes”, and the joy and excitement on her face, wow, my heart was so full and excited. I never thought anyone would ever react that way just because of me, lol.  As we carried on talking I found out she is a hat maker and at some point, she whispered to me, ”my family and I were talking about you after we saw you on the poster and I came here just for you”. HEYYYYYYYY!!! Like, WOW! A whole me, Gracia, someone showed up to see and meet me, isn’t that grace? That is surely the grace of God and I mentioned it as I shared my story with the ladies. Another highlight was meeting and talking to Mbo, she is simply amazing and we connected on all kinds of levels. 


It was great to have my young brother Daniel there. He was the only male there lol. He also introduced himself as we went around the table talking about our dreams. I was so moved that he was involved and was there to see what his older sister does. We have always had a close relationship and I love him so much. I was particularly amused and moved when some of the ladies said Daniel is also their young brother and included him in their conversations. He was not only my photographer for the day but everyone’s young brother and photographer lol. That evening when we were home he told me about how he felt being among such beautiful, powerful women and how we all got along so well and supported each other. I am certain he took out so many lessons from that experience. 


Women, black women, you are beautiful, you are powerful, you can do and be anything you want. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Let’s keep supporting each other and celebrating each other and inspire each other to achieve our dreams. Nothing is impossible for us, absolutely nothing. Happy Women’s Day and Happy Women’s month.