Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! Greetings to all you amazing and beautiful people. Wow, it has been quite a while since I was last here. My last blog post was in August and after that life just got busy and my focus shifted to work, work and more work. I hardly had time for anything else, myself included. I have been working on taking better care of myself and I must say I am absolutely loving it. 


I fell ill a couple of weeks ago, I had the common cold and it is one of the worst cases I have ever experienced. My whole body was constantly in pain. I was exhausted. It was just a lot of discomfort and I was so emotional because I knew why I was in that state. I took some time off work (I think it was two days only) to try and rest and to recover. The whole time I was in bed I was talking to myself and asking myself why I was in this state, lol. I laugh now but it wasn’t a good time for me. In the end I decided I had to turn the situation around to be back to my cheerful, happy, healthy self.


A conscious decision was made to take better care of myself and put myself first. Self care time is one of the most important times of the day to me. It is a time where I forget about work and others for a little bit and think about me. This time is usually in the evening after work. I get home, put some of my favourite music on, take my make up off, take a shower, get into my fave gown or pyjamas and just enjoy being alone. I constantly speak words of health, strength, prosperity, success, joy to my body and to my life. It is such an amazing feeling, I love it. Why did I not do this before? The weekends are even better because I try to do something that makes me happy and that gives me peace.


The progress has been tremendous and I am so proud of myself and the person that I am becoming. I have come to the realisation that many things may not go the way I want them to go and that is absolutely ok. I just have to carry on and keep it moving. So my advice to you today is take care of yourself, look out for yourself as well because no one else will. 


I have also gone back to putting more time into More Graca Finds which is a passion of mine as you already know. The joy that I derive from getting these clothes and putting them on and finding new homes for them and seeing my clients style and rock the pieces is indescribable…it really is.  My mood in the last couple of weeks has improved tremendously, it is actually amazing and I am in a happy place, I can’t even complain. I am grateful to God for where I am.


Whenever I style an outfit I always make sure I can rock it more than one way and this outfit made it so easy for me to do. Your blazer or choice of shoes can make a huge difference to an outfit. This outfit was very easy to switch up and I had so much fun.


I switched up between pumps and mules and I loved the result. It’s so amazing to me that all the switches still looked so good- with the blazer and mules, without the blazer and mules, with the blazer and the gold pumps, without the blazer and the gold pumps. All the combinations were  100 for me.


The combination of the linen vintage pants and the silk vest was perfect for the weather as they are both light and still enabled me to breathe easy, lol.  My choice of gold pumps was to match the gold earrings which I think added some character and went well with the leopard print sunnies. Last but not least, the bamboo handbag which is one of my favourite items in my closet at the moment. I love everything about it, it’s different, light, looks good and I can carry it any time with pretty much any outfit (nothing ever stops me), what else?


Sadly I didn’t get photos without the blazer and gold pumps outfit but I will let you imagine that, it still looked really good, lol. 


It sure feels good to be blogging again and I am strongly hoping I stay consistent and carry on with this decision that i made a couple of years ago. Remember to practice self care beautiful ones, till next time. 


Blazer – H&M**Pants – More Graca Finds**Silk vest – More Graca Finds**Mules – Mr Price**Bag- Jo Borkett**Earrings – Mr Price**Sunnies – More Graca Finds