Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! I trust you are all well and having a great week. I am not sure how to describe my week at the moment, it’s just going alright. I have not been feeling very well the last couple of days but I am strong. 

Let’s get right into it! Some of you may already know that I love hats and own a couple of them. From fedoras to boaters, to poor boy hats, you name it, I am a fan! My hats are some of my favourite pieces in my closet and I do not think I am done buying them. For those who did not know about my love for hats well here is proof. If you ever want to buy me a gift and feel like you do not know what to get, I am giving you permission to buy me a hat and you don’t even have to wrap it up lol.

When I buy hats I try to get one that I can easily pair with different pieces without having to go out to buy brand new clothes lol! Your girl is trying to save money but can’t be caught looking shabby.


Hats always add a little something extra to any outfit for me. I could be rocking a really simple outfit and throw on a hat and voila, total transformation. I try not to restrict myself when it comes to the clothes I wear and sometimes I have really extra days. I could wear a hat with anything really, there are no rules for me.

I wanted to do something different with this blog post and just allow readers to enjoy the looks I came up with featuring some of my hats. Comment and let me know what you think about the looks and which ones you would rock.

IMG_7879 2

IMG_7886 copy