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Simple Things


 Hello beautiful ones! How’s everyone doing? It’s Wednesday already like heeeeeey! The days are moving and the year is almost over. How has your year been so far? There’s still a lot of time left for you to achieve what you had set out to. It may look like everything isn’t going to work out […]

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Sunny days and cute dresses


Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! How’s everyone doing? It’s a long weekend for some in South Africa but not for me. I’m at work as usual, busy busy. Yesterday was Heritage Day and so I didn’t go to work (yay) . I spent my day at church celebrating with my church family,it was […]

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 Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! How is everyone doing on this rather chilly day? Did you have a great weekend? What did you get up to? I am doing very well thank you so much and I am blessed! I had a super power packed weekend attending a leaders conference at church, oh […]

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Back to Basics 


Hello beautiful ones! How’s everyone one doing and how’s the day? Happy Tuesday! The days are moving quite fast don’t you think? It’s already the 15th today whoaaa!!! December is around the corner, who is excited for Christmas? Any exciting plans? I have started planning my December and it looks pretty awesome and I’m excited […]

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White Blossoming 


Hello beautiful ones and Happy Sunday! How is everyone? How was your day? Did you go to church? How was your church service? If you didn’t go to church what were you up to? So many questions right? Well I’m just trying to make sure everyone is doing good, yes I care. It’s Sunday!!!! *twirls* […]

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Orange Crush


Hello beautiful ones! How is everyone? I trust you are all having a lovely morning. I am having a pretty awesome day and it’s about to get better. I usually do one of my favourite winter outfits on Thursdays but I was unable to yesterday. I had the privilege of attending a First Years Top […]

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Denim, Pastel Pink and a dash of Silver


Hello hello beautiful ones…how is everyone doing? I hope you are all doing well and have had lunch and feeling happy? Wednesday is one of my favourite days of the week because it’s one day closer to the weekend and also because I get to attend mid-week service at church. It’s so refreshing and I […]

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Androgynous Chic Chick 


Hello beautiful ones! *twerks* LOL just kidding, calm down I don’t twerk. How’s everyone doing this rather chilly Thursday? It’s supposed to be spring but it’s still a little cold, I hope it’s only till the end of the week. So! Thursday….I’m going to share another one of my favorite winter outfits for #GracaWinterLooks.  I […]

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Military Green Monday


Hello beautiful ones and happy Monday! I’m one of those people that loves Mondays…well I have no beef with any day of the week, I try and make all days work.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend, what did you get up to? I was working as usual and tried to catch up […]

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Hello beautiful ones! It’s Thursday and guess what? It’s time for another one of my #GracaWinterLooks where I share one of my favourite winter outfits. For today’s post we are doing fur…well faux fur… Can I get a YAY or Amen? lol! Moving right along….I loved the faux fur because I think it’s sophisticated, elegant […]