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Thank you 2016


Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! I trust you are all well and had a good Christmas remembering that you are the reason for the season. Like every other year my Christmas was spent with my family and it was…

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Monday Male Feature


Hello beautiful ones! How is everyone doing this Monday afternoon? I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a pretty hectic and emotional weekend but I am still alive and well, that’s all that matters. I got to spend a…

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Sunday Best – Pagne Love


It’s getting warmer, it’s almost spring time, it’s  almost summer *twirls and sprinkles glitter* . Today marks a week since I launched this baby, thank you once again to everyone for the support. God bless you mightily. Ok ok winter is almost over in Johannesburg and I am extremely excited. I survived another winter and […]

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#Black Number#


In my first post I mentioned I would be sharing some of my favourite winter outfits with you, so this is the first of the series #GracaWinterLooks .You know how they say every woman needs at least one black dress? Well, I have about 5 black dresses ..different types of course. The fitted, figure hugging […]

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Finally, Finally – 50s inspired Look


Helloooooooooo,  This is Grace reporting for duty! I’ve been thinking about getting a blog started for the longest time…years even . I decided to stop thinking and actually do it so…voila! Here it is! This is the first entry on my blog! On this blog I’m going to be sharing my style and try show […]