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Channeling Janelle 


 Hello beautiful ones! I hope you are all doing well and winning. I haven’t posted since last Monday, it’s been a very busy and emotional time for me. I have been busy with work and family but I am alive,well and grateful to Jehovah.     Can you say Janelle? Ok ok, I love Janelle Monae […]

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Summer Graces


Hello beautiful ones and Happy Friday! I hope everyone is doing well and had a productive week, any plans for the weekend? I have no plans this weekend apart from going to work (YAY…lol not) and spending time with family. I will also get started on some Christmas shopping so I don’t end up doing […]

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In my opinion, jumpsuits are one of the most amazing pieces of clothing ever made and I love them. They are simple, comfortable and they look really good on me. One of the downsides of the jumpsuit however is when you have to go to the bathroom, those of you who wear them know the […]

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Black, Gold and Nude


  I am a lover of many things that are beautiful, different, colorful, cool and make me happy. Fashion is one of these and my interpretation of it.  I love wide leg pants because I feel they are different and I am all for being different and I think it suits me pretty well. I […]

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Borrowed from Corey


Hello beautiful ones! I hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful day and you all had a splendid weekend. I know some, if not most, of you were expecting a male feature this week. There will be no male feature this week. However, because of my love and appreciation for men’s style, I will […]