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Monday Male Feature


Hello beautiful ones! How is everyone doing this Monday afternoon? I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a pretty hectic and emotional weekend but I am still alive and well, that’s all that matters. I got to spend a…

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Channeling Janelle 


 Hello beautiful ones! I hope you are all doing well and winning. I haven’t posted since last Monday, it’s been a very busy and emotional time for me. I have been busy with work and family but I am alive,well and grateful to Jehovah.     Can you say Janelle? Ok ok, I love Janelle Monae […]

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Hello 2016 


Hello beautiful ones!! How is everyone doing on this rather hot Thursday? It’s extremely hot in Johannesburg at the moment but I didn’t allow that to stop me from dressing up. I mentioned in a previous post on hot days like this I make sure I am indoors with the aircon turned on to the […]

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Summer Graces


Hello beautiful ones and Happy Friday! I hope everyone is doing well and had a productive week, any plans for the weekend? I have no plans this weekend apart from going to work (YAY…lol not) and spending time with family. I will also get started on some Christmas shopping so I don’t end up doing […]

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Monday Male Feature

Fashion, Monday Male Feature

Hello beautiful ones! How is everyone doing this glorious Monday? I saw a friend of mine with the hashtag “TGIM” on his Instagram earlier today. In case you are wondering “TGIM” stands for “thank God it’s Monday”, I smiled when I saw that. It’s not everyday you see that because not too many people are […]